5 Tips for Better High Volume Hiring in the Digital Age

March 14, 2018    |    3 minutes read

Modern Hire

Does a request to quickly fill a larger-than-average number of positions make you start to sweat? In the digital age, high volume hiring can present its own set of unique challenges. On one hand, it’s a recruiter’s dream to have that many applicants. On the other hand, you may be buried alive if not prepared for the tidal wave of resumes. And, not to mention, you are competing with other companies in your market for the same talent. In today’s high volume hiring situations, speed is of the essence.

Here are five tips you can use to improve your high volume hiring results and create a positive impression with all candidates, hired or not.

1. Put the candidate first.

Stand out from other companies hiring for similar roles with a process that is transparent and respects the candidate’s time. Is your application digital? Is your career site mobile-optimized? How long is your application? According to recent CandE research, 46% of job seekers said they dropped out of the hiring process because they felt their time was disrespected during interviews and appointments. Providing information up front about the length of the process and job requirements puts candidates first and helps front-load your talent pool with high performers.

2. Clearly define quality.

Is a college degree really needed to be successful in the position? Do candidates really need 4+ years of experience? When you have lots of positions to fill, answers to these questions can save you time and money.

If you can identify the prerequisites ahead of time, interviewing technology can expedite your process by helping you narrow your large talent pool to qualified applicants. When you know there will be hundreds of applicants, utilize an open invite for an on-demand text interview. it’s a win-win. Candidates will have a better experience with your brand, knowing exactly where they stand in the process. Recruiters will know earlier in the process where to focus their time.

3. Automate scheduling.

Count how many times you have been frustrated by the number of emails or messages that go back and forth to schedule a simple interview with a candidate. Way too many, right? Now think about eliminating that back and forth with hundreds of candidates through automation.

An automated scheduling process can start when a candidate is identified as a potential fit. They receive an email from the recruiter with a list of times to choose from for their first interview. Candidates love the chance to chose a time that works best for them. They feel respected and excited about the opportunity. it’s a win for recruiters and hiring managers too – they indicate available times on their calendars, and they’re done. Automated scheduling that’s part of a purpose-built interviewing solution can take care of the rest, whether you’re interviewing 5 candidates or 500.

4. Not all questions are created equal.

Anyone who has interviewed for a position can relate to having a ‘favorite’ interview question. These days though, some organizations have started asking atypical questions in order to uncover more about candidates and stand out from the competition. The fact is, questions that are driven by your requirements and that allow candidates to shine can deliver the highest value. In CandE research year after year, candidates say opportunities to showcase their relevant skills and put their best foot forward are essential to a positive hiring experience. Streamline your hiring volume hiring process by asking questions that do double duty.

5. Only automate the right elements of the hiring process.

Automating the administrative or mundane parts of the hiring process will empower all candidates to know where they stand in the process, even with a large talent pool. Today’s candidates are accustomed to entering in their own contact information, and answering yes/no or multiple questions via text message. By being choosy about the steps you automate, you speed the hiring process up and free recruiters to do more with high-potential candidates.

Now that you know how to improve your candidate experience in high volume hiring – no need to sweat or panic the next time you hear “quickly fill a larger-than-average number of positions.”