5 Must-Make New Years Resolutions to Be on Top of Your Game in 2018

   |    2 minutes read

Jan 05, 2018
new year's resolutions

If your New Year’s resolution is to up your professional game, maybe it’s time to get out of your usual routine and try something new. Sometimes, all it takes is a different strategy or small adjustments in your execution to create big advances in your recruiting performance. Whether your area of responsibility is specific roles or enterprise-wide hiring needs, here are five strategies you can use to set yourself up for a record-breaking 2018 at work.

  • Be More Social.Commit the time and effort to take your social networking up a level. If you’re not on social media much, update your LinkedIn profile and read our blog for tips on strengthening your online presence. If social recruiting is already in your wheelhouse, put more effort into niche networks that can serve up talent. Being more social could be especially helpful if you’re often responsible for filling entry-level positions.
  • Own the Candidate Experience. Candidates’ interactions with your organization and the impressions they form will be make-or-break for hiring in 2018. As a recruiter, you’re well-positioned to see what the candidate experience looks like from start to finish. If you notice steps that feel inconsistent in terms of employer brand message, make your TA leader aware of the gaps. And, coach your hiring managers so they understand their vital role in selling open positions and your organization to candidates. Make the connection clear between their approach to candidate interviews and success in hiring better candidates for their departments.
  • Get to Know Gen Z. Born between 1995 and 2012, the oldest members of this young generation are making their way into the workforce. Like the cohorts before them, Generation Z have some different ways of looking at the world, and new expectations for the work environment. Many also have incredible tech skills. Their entry into your talent pool means you’ll want to understand where they’re coming from so can you have more meaningful interactions. For a start on your research, read our blog on how to engage Gen Z.
  • Embrace AI. If you’ve stuck your head in the sand regarding artificial intelligence (AI), now’s the time to get up to speed. According to a recent Talent Tech Labs report, 73% of TA tech providers already use some form of AI, like chatbots, and another 22% plan to implement it within 24 months. It’s good news for recruiters since many AI applications are designed to lift the burden of repetitive and administrative hiring tasks. Though there’s a lot of buzz about the potential for AI to replace recruiters, the fact is AI’s value is assisting recruiters, so they can spend more time on candidate conversations and building relationships. When applied to very specific tasks, AI can help you be more efficient and deliver a positive experience to candidates.
  • Smile More. Ok, this may sound too simple to be effective, but smiling more can actually help you build good relationships with your hiring managers, and make a strong first impression with candidates. Smiling also helps reduce stress. It’s an easy resolution that can help you meet your goal of elevating performance in 2018.