The 5 Dos of Change Management

If 2018 is the Year of Digital in HR, then it’s also the Year of Change Management. Strategic change management is the foundation for the success of your HR tech initiative. Short-term you’re looking for high adoption rates and a positive buzz; over the long-term, you need to deliver the results you promised in order to win that budget. You can make it all happen with some best practices for leading your team through change.

New Ways to Lead Your Team with Change Management

A lot of TA leaders have established and implemented change management plans before, and it’s smart to build on that experience. In the digital age though, the workplace is changing. Here are a few ways to refresh your tried and true strategies so they are effective in getting your modern workforce to embrace your new HR tech:

Be transparent about your expectations.

Employees are used to having clear goals for performance. Alleviate their anxiety about change by being clear about what you expect each individual to accomplish with the new technology in addition to the team-level adoption rates and productivity increases your project. Helps team members understand the scope of the change and how they will be measured.

Personalize the change.

To build comfort levels quickly, tailor the change experience to individual team members. For instance, for your three recruiters who are dedicated to high-volume hiring, use high-volume as a use case for their training on a new interviewing platform. The level of personalization you can achieve will, of course, vary by technology, however, the faster your team members understand the tech within their own context, the faster their engagement will begin. Keep in mind too that individual adoption rates naturally will vary, so have patience with those that need a bit more training or encouragement.

Position change as a learning opportunity.

Younger generations in the workforce are intensely interested in learning opportunities, so why not take this angle with your change management communication?

Ask for feedback.

Signal to your team that you value them by asking for their feedback. Use the information you gather to make adjustments to training or change management strategies as you go. Feedback can also help you address negative buzz and keep issues from escalating. You can invite feedback via email, text or perhaps even the new technology itself.

Make change a team-building strategy.

Appeal to your team’s pride in their work and unite around a shared goal made possible by the new technology. Some organizations hold a little friendly competition around adoption; others agree on a team-wide prize as an incentive. Either way, making it a team goal encourages individuals to help each other along.

Embrace New Tech

Get Your Team Members to Embrace New Tech

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