4 Things You Should Know About Hiring Software Developers

August 3, 2018    |    2.5 minutes read

Modern Hire

Android Market, the largest app store in the world, releases an average of 6,000 new apps per day. Ever wonder who is building all of these apps? It’s software developers – one of the hardest jobs to fill worldwide due to a massive talent shortage. The only way to fill these positions is to make sure your candidate experience is top-notch, and your hiring process doesn’t keep candidates waiting. Here’s what you should know when hiring software developers.

If you’re struggling with hiring software developers, here are some insights and strategies to improve your win rate.
DevOps puts the focus on teamwork.

As more companies embrace a DevOps approach, the need for strong collaborative and interpersonal skills in software developers becomes essential. Mad technical skills are of course critical, but they’re no longer the only skills needed. In fact, Google realized by studying its own employees that soft skills are the top seven on the list of the eight most important attributes for success at Google. STEM skills ranked last.

56% of women in tech leave by mid-career.

That’s twice the quit-rate for men. Common reasons for their dissatisfaction include an unsupportive work environment, lack of role models and professional development as well as the glass ceiling. Companies which can successfully address this gender gap and communicate it well in their employer branding will stand out to this pool of high-value candidates when hiring software developers.

More than 50% of developers are Millennials.

It may be no surprise that professional developers ages 22 to 37 make up well over half of the talent pool worldwide. What’s critical is understanding what they prioritize in work and life, and how they prefer to find a new job. This is a group of candidates that wants to connect with you by primarily by email. They’re attracted to companies where they can learn, grow and find a mentor. They don’t want to be micromanaged, but they do want regular feedback.

Developers are attracted to challenge.

The most talented software developers are natural problem-solvers. Their interest in projects and their motivation comes from being continually challenged. The chance to continually work on innovative, interesting projects is something they look for in a job opportunity and an employer.

How to Improve Your Win Rate when Hiring Software Developers

Recruiters who are fast, and cater to candidate needs, have the advantage in hiring coveted software developers. Use these strategies to create a modern hiring experience for IT candidates:

  • Accelerate quality hires with technology.
    Some online interviewing platforms integrate technical and coding assessments with on-demand interviews, which speed up the hiring process and make the candidate experience seamless. Be sure to select interviewing software that offers validated, proven hiring assessments. With the on-demand portion of the interview, ask questions which enable your hiring team to evaluate candidates’ soft skills.
  • Use technology in the right places.
    Since you’re doing your own sourcing for software developers and other IT candidates, look for ways to increase your efficiency at other steps in the hiring process. Automated scheduling by an AI-driven virtual assistant can free you to spend more time with candidates, building relationships. it’s also a candidate-centric strategy – interviewing scheduling is fast and simple on their mobile device, and it shows you respect their time.
  • Tailor your message.
    Pull out all the stops to tell your organization’s technology-forward story. On your careers site and in job postings, show you have better challenges and learning opportunities for IT talent, and a highly desirable work environment. Use on-demand or live digital interviews to connect them with hiring managers and potential co-workers, so they can get real insight for their decision. It will also give your hiring team richer insight into candidate fit. By offering more candidates the opportunity to develop that comfort level and personal connection, you can improve hiring performance.
  • Spend More Time in Dialogue.
    Finally, look for ways to carve out more time for doing what you’re good at, which is talking with candidates about your brand and organization. Your distinctive message is what will catch your candidates’ attention and give them a reason to engage with you further. Interviewing software gives you 30% of your day back through automation and increased efficiency, so you can focus more of your time helping candidates get to know you.