4 Reasons to Choose Single-Solution Hiring Technology

4 Reasons to Choose Single-Solution Hiring Technology

by Modern Hire on September 19,2018

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A single-solution hiring technology enables recruiters to create an experience that appeals to the ideal candidate by configuring the workflow and types of interviews to the position.

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Modern candidates have a few things in common. They are consumers who research before they buy. They expect digital interaction to be built for their convenience. And, they can afford to be selective with job opportunities.?Niche hiring technology providers may help you capture their attention to a certain extent, and it's tempting to add an application here or there. However, a single solution will help you do talent acquisition better with a modern, branded candidate experience. And, when it comes to value, a partnership with a single interviewing solution provider can level the TA playing field and deliver 5-10X ROI.

  1. ?? Meet Candidates? Expectations When Encountering Hiring Technology

If you look at modern hiring through a candidate's eyes, you see they want to know and understand your organization just as you do with them. They'd like to be respected and treated as an individual, not one of the masses. Here?s what they?re thinking as they enter your hiring process:

?Make It Simple.? A better experience starts with candidates using the same hiring technology from the first point of engagement through on-boarding. Candidates want just one log-in, and to familiarize themselves with just one platform whether they?re responding to initial job qualification questions in an on-demand text interview, or using automated scheduling for their final live interview via video, voice or on-premise.

?Make It Convenient.? A single solution helps you put candidates at the center of your process consistently, for their convenience. Look for purpose-built video interviewing software that?s mobile-first, so your candidates can engage with you using back-pocket technology. ?Integrated applications like on-demand video and voice interviews and automated scheduling put control into candidates? hands.

?Make It Fast.? ?Two-thirds of today?s job seekers will wait less than two weeks to hear back from you before considering the opportunity a lost cause and moving on.1?They?re impatient, and with the current talent and skills shortages, they can afford to be. A single-solution platform can help you cut up to 14 days from your hiring cycle. Candidates get immediate or near-immediate engagement with your hiring process and shorter wait periods between steps, while you increase your speed to hire.

A single-solution hiring technology helps you engage candidates faster with a better hiring experience, a vital advantage when other businesses are vying for the same talent as you.

  1. ? ?When Using Hiring Technology, Build Your Candidate Experience Around Your Employer Brand

Beyond a competitive salary and benefits, what would persuade candidates to choose a job offer from your company over another? The decision often comes down to your culture and values, and how well candidates think they will fit in at your company. A single-solution hiring technology can engage candidates with your unique employer brand better than niche technology in a couple of ways:

  • A single-solution hiring technology enables recruiters to create a hiring experience that appeals to the ideal candidate by configuring the workflow and types of interviews to the position. For instance, an engaging experience for call-center candidates might start with an on-demand text interview to identify candidates available to work weekends, then move on to invite qualified talent to complete an on-demand voice interview so they can present their phone service skills to the best advantage. A C-suite executive job or high-level professional role might start with a live introductory video interview to allow candidates and your company?s leadership to test the waters. Subsequent live video interviews would allow interested candidates to meet more of the team and get down to details. Interviewing technology that?s highly configurable can meet 100% of your various hiring needs and scale with your future growth.
  • By its very nature, single-solution hiring technology is better positioned to carry your employer brand message forward consistently throughout your entire hiring process. Candidates see and experience your brand at every step. They?re able to evaluate your company on a deeper level when you integrate videos of hiring managers, potential co-workers and company leaders to provide an inside look.
  1. ?? Bring Better Value to Your Company in So Many Ways

Return on investment is always a top concern, and single-solution hiring technology that?s designed for hiring delivers. Ask potential tech partners about their proven ROI, which could be as high as 5-10x, year over year. Integrated interviewing platforms deliver advantages in other areas, too:

Improved recruiter efficiency

Single-solution technology automates many of the administrative and repetitive recruiting activities, so recruiters have more time available for talking with candidates and selling your brand and job opportunities. Recruiters save time and stay focused when all of their candidate data points are collected in a single location that?s also easy easily shared with hiring managers.

Simple, consistent support

Multiple stand-alone applications in your hiring workflow mean recruiters are dealing with one or more help desks when there?s a glitch. Some single-solution interviewing platforms offer 24/7/365 live support for all of the integrated applications, for all users.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Many purpose-built interviewing platforms are built to handle the complexities of global hiring. They feature enterprise-grade security, and compliance with national and international security and privacy requirements, giving you peace of mind now and for the future, as your company expands. Some also support recruiters in a multitude of languages.

Leveling the playing field

A single interviewing or hiring technology that integrates live and on-demand interviewing, combined interviews and assessments and automated scheduling gives you access to the same hiring advantages as much larger organizations, including a much wider candidate reach.

  1. ?? Gain a Hiring Technology Partner That Invests In Your Success

Single-solution hiring technology providers are well-positioned to understand your entire hiring workflow from end to end. They often bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and can support you with new use case ideas and strategies for maximizing your ROI with their platform.

At the end of the day, most quality hires come down to a better candidate experience.

Companies of all sizes must be able to deliver a fast, simple and convenient hiring process that the ideal candidate thinks and feels is more engaging than the competition. A single interviewing or hiring solution is more effective in helping TA teams drive a seamless, high-tech yet high-touch candidate experience.

  1. ?? CareerBuilder 2016 research.