4 Wasy to Boost Your Chatbot Value

It’s an exciting time in the HR tech space, as artificial intelligence (AI) finds a place and purpose in talent acquisition. When used correctly, chatbots offer countless operational and strategic benefits in hiring. Are you looking to introduce AI into your recruiting process? Follow these best practices and you’ll be set up for success!

Use chatbots to complement human interaction, not replace it

Chatbot technology is intended to improve recruiting efficiency by handling some of the more repetitive and time-consuming tasks like scheduling candidate interviews, gathering initial data, and answering some of candidate’s basic questions about the job and company. It’s meant to support an HR team, not replace it.Think of a chatbot as a recruiter’s personal assistant. They need to enable recruiters to focus on building relationships and other, more strategic activities. However, you still need humans to evaluate nonverbal responses. Body language says a lot.

Align your chatbot with your brand

Your chatbot is not just a separate tool you add into your TA mix, but rather, an important part of your process. In some cases, this might be the only interaction a candidate has with your TA team. Therefore, it’s important that your chatbot aligns with your brand. Start by ensuring you have a welcome message that introduces the virtual assistant. This will set the tone for the interaction. Next, work on developing the personality of your chatbot. When a candidate interacts, it needs to act as a natural part of your brand’s experience. Your chatbot should follow your brand’s tone of voice. If you tailor your communication with different talent pools, say C-level candidates versus recent college grads, teach those patterns to your chatbot, too. Your chatbot is on the frontlines for recruiting – make sure it’s prepared to interact like part of your team.

Play to your chatbot’s strengths

Enlist your chatbot’s assistance in the parts of your hiring process where it can do the most good. For instance, when you need to sift through a large candidate pool quickly, use an on-demand text bot to engage candidates with a few questions about basic requirements, like having a driver’s license, or the ability to work weekends. About 98% of texts are opened and responded to, so you can count on your chatbot to collect a lot of good data. Use that data to prioritize which candidates have the most potential, so you can spend your time in face-to-face conversations, rather than in that initial data gathering. This strategy can be especially effective with Gen Z talent. Gen Z is entering the workforce and according to a new study by Robert Half, face-to-face is their preferred form of communication. Use your chatbot to get to a live conversation faster with qualified Gen Z candidates.

Protect your process from broken technology

Make sure you work with a technology partner who will take the time to teach your chatbot on a regular basis so the interactions are seamless. There is nothing more frustrating than live chatting with a bot and getting caught in a loop of not being able to get answers to your questions. Enlisting the right technology partner is important. The smarter your chatbot is, the better it can perform for your candidates and your TA team.

Get the Jump on 2018 Technology

In 2018, talent acquisition will continue to evolve with incredible speed as HR teams bring innovative new AI tech into the hiring process. Have you budgeted for HR Technology in 2018?

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