3 Ways to Make Your Mark in Healthcare Recruiting

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Jul 16, 2018
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The pressure to deliver has never been higher on senior TA leaders in healthcare. However, despite the spiraling priorities, now is not the time to lose focus on your personal brand. Your reputation as a strategic leader can help you secure the executive support and resources you need to navigate barriers and meet even the most extreme expectations. Whether you’re new to your organization or ready to revive your rep, try on one of these ideas for building your own leadership brand within healthcare recruiting.

Be an Innovator

Be a Healthcare Recruiting Innovator

Healthcare is making incredible advances with technology in every direction, including healthcare TA. What better way to put your personal stamp on your organization than by introducing innovative healthcare recruiting technology that delivers 5-10x ROI? A video interviewing platform that integrates on-demand interviews, automated scheduling, live interviews, and assessments can move your hiring process into the digital age. By introducing candidate-centric interviewing technology, Humana’s TA director led the organization to an improved candidate experience and three CandE Awards. See how Humana saves $6 million annually and reduced screening time from 90 minutes to 30 minutes per candidate with interviewing tech.

Be an adviser

Be an Advisor

Your focus may be consumed by urgent healthcare recruiting needs and widespread talent shortages, but carve out time to define your department’s impact on your organization’s bottom line. You are well-positioned to make this connection clearer for leadership, especially with HR metrics. Work on expanding your role into that of “trusted advisor” with proactive recommendations for TA strategies that align directly with improved healthcare business performance.

Be Data-Driven

Be Data-Driven

Many TA teams have yet to delve into Big Data, but it’s on the horizon. And, the use of advanced analytics to turn large data sets into actionable information is common practice in other parts of healthcare organizations, so you’ll be leveraging an accepted practice. Big data could help you elevate your team’s performance from an unlimited number of angles.

Here are a just a few:

  • Identify links between candidate sourcing and employee performance
  • More accurately predict future hiring demands, giving your team longer lead time to find qualified candidates
  • Define the relationship between your healthcare employer brand and your hiring performance
  • Get a better handle on current employees’ skills and fit for open positions

Start down the path to data-driven leadership by educating yourself on Big Data and its potential for your department and organization. You’ll also need to champion the implementation of the analytics technology and increase the data analytics skills within your team. Keep your eye on the prize. With data analytics, you can drive agile TA and make your department a bigger contributor to your organization’s success.

As you think about your leadership brand, consider benchmarking against your peers. Modern Hire recently released research on TA leaders’ priorities and technology spending for 2018. This report may spark some further ideas that help you reshape TA and lead your healthcare organization to improved hiring performance.