Hire Better for High Volume Hiring

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Modern Hire

You’ve made it quick and easy for talent to apply to your organization. Now, you have a tidal wave of candidates to evaluate for a high-volume hiring req. While you’re struggling to find the qualified candidates in the sea, candidates are waiting too long for you to make contact. The better ones may be slipping away, maybe even expressing their frustration on Glassdoor. What can you do to engage and assess faster, and provide a positive, transparent candidate experience? Here are three strategies you can try with a single technology: purpose-built video interviewing.

#1. Make Faster First Contact

In your large pool of applicants, some will have a driver’s license, or a four-year degree, or be able to work third shift, and others won’t. You can quickly identify those who meet basic qualifications with an on-demand text interview. Invite candidates to complete an on-demand text interview as soon as you receive their application, cutting down on their wait time. For candidates, texting is fast, simple and convenient to complete on a mobile phone. They appreciate knowing much sooner if you’d like them to move forward, or if they should keep looking.

Your high volume hiring process speeds up as applicants respond on on-demand text interviews in hours, not days. You stop losing qualified candidates to slow hiring since they don’t have to wait as long to move forward.

#2. Streamline Interviewing and Assessments

Assessments provide valuable data points to use in high volume hiring decisions. They can be even more useful when they’re integrated with on-demand video interviews. With Modern Hire’s video interviewing platform, you can offer candidates a combined interview and assessment experience that brings industry-leading and proven assessments into play. You select the assessment type – personality, competency, work-style, and technical/coding – and ask job-related questions in an on-demand interview. It’s an engaging, seamless experience for candidates, and they can do it as soon as they have some time available, day or night.

Combined interview-assessments are convenient for you, too. It’s easy to review and rate candidates with on-demand, and even easier to forward the recorded responses of the strongest candidates on to your hiring managers for their feedback.

#3. Give Scheduling to Your Virtual Assistant

Hard to get excited about a day of scheduling interviews for high-volume reqs? You could be doing something more strategic while your virtual recruiting assistant coordinates interviews. A virtual assistant that’s integrated with your video interviewing software can handle the back-and-forth with candidates, hiring managers and anyone else who’s part of that particular hiring team. Put your virtual assistants to work scheduling live video and in-person interviews, phone interviews, group and panel interviews, even campus hiring and job fair recruiting events. Your virtual assistant can also help you keep candidates updated on where they stand, making your process more transparent.

Some interviewing solutions may have a candidate self-scheduling tool in place of or in addition to a virtual assistant. Either way, you can get candidates scheduled into interviews sooner and more efficiently while you work on moving the better candidates forward.

Any of these strategies can make a measurable business impact.

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