3 Things Candidates Want, but Won’t Tell You About

New technologies are shaping the way we communicate today – they’re also shaping our expectations for those interactions. As consumers, we’ve come to expect the fast, simple purchasing experiences. This is, of course, made possible by online tools, mobile-first design, and social selling. New HR technologies are playing a vital role as TA leaders try to understand how to match their candidate experience to the demands and expectations of the modern candidate.

Companies are pushing for closer relationships with consumers these days, so it’s no surprise that when consumers become job candidates, they expect the relationship to continue. Here are three ways candidates are looking for jobs just like they look for the next new product to buy.

Candidates want to do their research.

Think about your own online shopping experience. You are able to research any product before purchasing. Between online descriptions of products and customer reviews, you can investigate if a product is a good fit. Candidates are doing the same thing when job searching. In fact, 75% of candidates conduct their own job search research across multiple channels prior to applying. TA teams are adding rich content to their career site to help candidates get answers about a potential new employer.

The solution? Make sure you have a well developed career site.

  • Post employee testimonials. Employee videos are powerful tools for giving candidates insight into the employment experience.
  • Post compelling job descriptions. Job descriptions can be so much more than a list of job responsibilities and required qualifications. Innovative postings catch candidate’s attention like a sales pitch, and help them understand the company and the impact of the open position.
Candidates want high-tech, high-touch.

Think about all the information we have at our fingertips with mobile devices. Websites are being built mobile-first. We have access to online shopping whether we are in the car, at the office or on a beach. Candidates want to apply in the same manner. A candidate’s initial interaction with a potential employer should be simple, brief and at their convenience, yet also effective in showing their strengths.

The solution? Reach candidates in a way that’s easy and convenient for them.

Offer multiple, convenient ways candidates can engage and interact with your brand in a way that matches your hiring process. Text and video interviews designed for the modern candidate meet all of these expectations with mobile capabilities and on-demand applications.

On-demand text interviewing is a great example of creating better candidate engagement through technology. Recruiters invite candidates to apply immediately with an appropriate amount of interview questions for this first interaction. The average candidate response rate for a text interview request is 82%; recruiters receive completed interviews within hours, not days; and it takes just minutes for the candidate to complete the interview.

Candidates also appreciate when the scheduling process is easy and convenient. Have you considered smart-scheduling technology? When they receive the personalized email invite from recruiters, they simply self-select the interview time that works best with their schedule. No more phone tag or emails back-and-forth trying to sync everyone’s calendar, and by providing candidates with this flexibility and convenience, it sends the message, “This TA team really values your time.”

Candidates want transparency.

There are so many distractions during the hiring process. Sometimes candidates are left wondering where they stand or what the next steps in the process are. Today, we are acclimated to getting regular updates, whether it be an email letting us know a purchase has shipped, or when it’s been delivered. Don’t let your candidates be left wondering where they stand.

The solution? Share hiring process information.

Let candidates know what they can expect during the hiring process from start to finish. Many TA teams go a step farther and send emails before candidates come on-site. Details include sharing their interview schedule, the names and titles of people they’ll meet with, and if or when they’ll have breaks.

Want to take it a step farther? Consider automating your onboarding process.

New onboarding solutions allow new hires to complete back-end paperwork quickly and easily. Use of this tech enhances the hiring experience and compresses the time it takes for new hires to get in and get through the onboarding process. It also helps reduce the risk of a new hire being lured away by a competitor before their first day on the job.

Today’s candidates look for jobs like a consumer looks for new products. TA teams can’t offer candidates a hiring process they want (faster, easier yet richer interaction) without leveraging the new HR technologies available. To learn more, visit our on-demand text interviewing page, or read about our automated scheduling.