2019 Recruiting Trends Changing How You Hire

Recruiting Trends 2019

Talent acquisition continues to be a moving target. These 2019 recruiting trends point to changes that will influence core aspects of recruiting, from how you connect with candidates via technology to what you say to keep them engaged and interested in your opportunity.

Keep your eye on these 2019 recruiting trends:
  • Faster hiring – The war for talent has become all about speed. The recruiter who reaches and engages candidates first with a job offer is most likely to win – enough said?
  • Pragmatic adoption of AI – The well-publicized pullbacks of AI-driven hiring by golden brands have given TA leaders even more reason to be very careful about adding AI to their hiring workflows. They recognize AI’s potential and the fact that many candidates are not comfortable with AI used for hiring decision-making. It’s interesting to note that 2019 recruiting trends shows that recruiters and candidates are aligned in recognizing the potential of AI to reduce unconscious bias and improve diversity.
  • Text recruiting gains an edge – If you want to reach candidates in 2019 and have them respond, text recruiting is the way to go. It’s all about communicating with candidates in ways they’re most comfortable. Interviewing platforms with an integrated on-demand text application make text a viable recruiting tool for TA teams, too.
  • Moving the needle on candidate experience – Candidate experience was the top priority for TA leaders in 2018, and there’s no reason to think that will change in the near future, especially with growing C-level recognition that candidate experience shifts the bottom line. 2019 recruiting trends tell us to look for TA leaders to focus on increasing candidate communication, improving the interview experience, and enhancing onboarding in order to deliver a next-level hiring experience.
  • Modernizing employee referral programs – Employee referrals continue to be at or very near the top of sources for quality hires. TA teams will be upgrading their referral programs as smart response to the ongoing talent shortage.
  • Doing more with employer branding and recruitment marketing – In the world of personalized, digital interactions, the difference between companies that do and do not understand their candidates becomes ever so clear. Look for TA teams to expand their skills in recruitment marketing and refine their employer brand messaging in everything that touches candidates – social posts, careers sites, job descriptions, communication from recruiters and more.

Last but not least, there’s the overarching trend of candidate-centricity. Every one of the recruiting statistics we’ve collected has something to say about modern candidates’ preferences for hiring interactions.

Not sure where to go from here? Make a candidate experience audit your New Year’s resolution. Read our blog to find out how you can make every interaction a positive, memorable experience for your candidates.